55 Gallon Aquarium (Guide to Freshwater Aquariums)

I am a lover of nature, but especially love marine life, try to have a bit of pleasure in the home using tanks, it's wonderful when we are able to breed and see the little babies happy together and always close to parents, it is relatively easy to set up a Aquarius but relatively difficult to get idiais conditions for our fish, is their home and we have to make the conditions more similar to their environment in the wild ..

   A 55-gallon tank already has a good size for doing a wonderful aquarium.

   An aquarium of 55 gallons can use the example of the measures 100x40x50, with cover and suitable for use in aquarium lighting.

   Lighting - the rules we have to use is 0.5 to 1w per 0.26 gallons of water which gives this aquarium for about 150w but these rules are for when using plants, if not the case we can greatly reduce the lighting, to this case would be about 30w but always ready for aquarium fish.

   Filter - The Fish, like any living being in need of a clean and pollution-free. In an aquarium is responsible for maintaining the water under the filter, here the rule is 2 to 5x the number of gallons the tank will take an hour (g / h) in this case is about 220g / h.
There are filters inside and outside, but here I would advise the pool, have more capacity and filtration efficiency and is not seen in the aquarium.
The cleaning range from 1 to 3 months, depending on the amount and type of fish in the aquarium.

   Heating - Here the rule is 0.5 to 1w by 0.26 gallons giving this case more or less 200w but here I play it safe, the temperature is very important for fish and this can never fail, here I use more power and instead of a thermostat using two of 200w. I can already count on cooler areas that influence the temperature of the water.

   Substrate - The substrate is the bottom of our tank. Can be sand, gravel can be thick, can be substrates for special plants. Should be avoided substrates with brightly colored for disturbing the fish and give a very artificial air to something that you want as natural as possible.
The sand can be collected in nature and should be well washed and boiled before putting in the aquarium.

   With this material is enough to full the tank of water and proceed to the following conditions, is a more advanced stage, but this part I will leave to another hub, Please wait ..


Dating Perfect Match OnLine

My Perfect Match

     Dating online, I can speak from experience, I've been married to a woman I met on the Internet, not much different, the only difference is the same part that we are actually face to face for the first time, is something strange because on the Internet we draw a profile of the person and in reality may be quite different, it involves many factors, such as: how we'll greet?, how it smells?, does her skin is soft? will be dressed right?, what height she has?, when we're on the Internet we can disclose a completely different person than we are properly and this is very dangerous because when we are face to face in reality we can have a great disappointment, we came to realize that after all are not compatible, but went well with me, both were sincere in our online conversations and when we met for the first time everything went well, the first time was a little strange because I've never done this, but it all started as a relationship normal, dated for several months and decided to get married, been married almost 3 years, things in the last year did not go well but the problem had nothing to do with the fact that we have met online, what is certain is that whatever the way we know the person we always have to chance to have a relationship, there are no perfect relationships and not because we met online in the ratio will be less good, in my opinion is that it never hurts to know new people online or in real life because you never know when you'll see the perfect match of our live ...
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Nail Art Gel - NubiArt

NailArt Gel

NubiArt - The Nail Gel is now undoubtedly the new choice for women, has many advantages starting to mention that last up to one and a half depending on the sensitivity to them, ideas for customizing are endless from colors, designs, piercings , textures, bright etc etc, also have the ability to use extensions to increase the length of the nail can also be rebuilt so as not to have to be waiting months to grow a nail starting, ending with a final gloss that gives a very clean and beautiful and that wakes up any look ..
Never forget to have some beautiful nails and arranged that in the case of gel nails are well done is the most important to our visual aesthetic as well as raising much in our self esteem, give a very clean air and any fine woman, in my opinion a nail gel well made, beautiful and thin is not to have many colors and fancy designs or have a natural nail or with very long extensions, you must have a moderate length, with a painting also moderate such a French (be it white or another color light), maybe a design only in a few nails, but I'm leaving you a few ideas made by NubiArt - http://unhas-de-gel-nails.blogspot.com/

A story about my dog (Black Labrador Retriever)

My beautiful, faithful dog

This hub is to give you to know my dog is to me as a child, and also a story in particular that happened a few weeks ago..

His name is Lexus, is a Labrador dog, is 6 years old, is a dog that loves to play, is a dog that loves water and is a very friendly dog and faithful, then I'll tell you a story that moved me very much.
One of my sport is  Spearfishing and will be two weeks ago I went to a beach near me to make a few more hours of Spearfishing, out of water in the beach was my wife and Lexus, my wife was holding the Lexus with the leash because he is crazy about water, when I go to the water he will always behind me, at one point I just stop hunting, but was still a quarter of a mile offshore, I have a surfboard bodyboard to serve as a buoy signaling and also when I'm tired, this time i enter upon the buoy and start to swim to shore, the Lexus had already seen me and was making a very large force to go to the water, my wife as I was back and let the Lexus, he soon began to run and entered the water with waves of 1.5 meters and then stopped to see him, at the time scared me because I was not able to see Lexus, in a few seconds it pops up out of water and swim towards me, then I rested, usually the Lexus tends to swim in the water with me but always playing, but as he approached I began to see that he had changed, his eyes showed that he was suffering and there was another see frightened, he did not come to play and even whined when he comes next to me comes around from behind me and suddenly bites the board and begins to pull me to shore, we were still far from shore, I realized he was not kidding, but trying to save me, he thought I was in trouble, I even trembled, my dog had come to save me, incredible, after a few seconds I had to calm down and show that it was okay "Lexus is okay, everything is fine" but he not calmed down, to get the land he started running towards my wife and will bark a lot and came back to me and started licking me and I always say that was fine.
The Lexus was happy to see me on the ground and I was very happy to know that I have a dog that worries me a lot.
I love Lexus, is like a son to me.

Web Hosting and Domain Names (Make Money OnLine)

Web Hosting and Domain Names
I chose this topic because I find it a very interesting topic today that has or wants a website or blog as a way to make money on the internet, a few months here will be hosting services have evolved significantly and add to their many services new tools, if were not professionals in the business we always have to find one to make a website for us and then the next step was to get a domain name and service hosting, the one that is extremely expensive to have a website, now hosting services do everything for us and prices never seen before, there is a tool that gives us the opportunity to make your own website a very simple way and thus do not have to be paid to a professional but attention to this, as I always say "there are no roses without thorns, "I mean to say that this tool to do the site is a bit limited and the designs of these site not the best, of course it's a professional makes all the difference they too have now many new and different tools, but i have will depend on the requirement of each one, the important thing is that there is the possibility of not resorting to a professional.
Going back to the hosting services we have now also at very cheap web hosting Unlimited space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Host Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Databases, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Free Domain Name, sql server hosting, asp hosting, managed hosting, dedicated hosting, Anti Virus and SPAM Protection, Free Backup Service, the list goes on because it is very extensive and all with prices from $ 1 , 99 a month, do not be afraid to mount a business online when the annual spending cannot exceed $ 30.00, take risks because it can be a step to change your financial life, before joining the hosting services check domain names on sites domains  to choose the best name for the domain, so you have your business online is time to renegotiate their contracts or switch to other hosting services because it can save lots of money at the end of the year.
I leave here some links of hosting services I find interesting:

Hide files in Windows (XP or Vista)

Probably already know how but here's a tip for those who not know.
In many situations of our lives we want to have more privacy in our own computer or even working, for widely varying reasons such as; have content in our computer that we want our children not to see or work files that should be important not to move, there is a simple way to hide those files; we imagine that we are in "My Documents" and have a folder named "Important", if you click over the folder with the right mouse button will have an option that says "Properties "when you click "Properties " will open a table and in that table below is an option that says "hidden" by clicking this we have to Make apply, then will open a new table to ask if we want to hide a folder or the folder that is inside, here the choice is yours but I always hide the folder that is inside. In this step, the file is already hidden. We will never forget where the file was in, this instance was in "My Documents". To display the folder again we go to “My Documents” and from the menu click on “Tools” and then “Folder Options” Click on the “View “ tab and under the “Hidden Files and Folders” section, choose the radio button that says “show hidden files and folders”. and clicked and then we apply. Now the folder “Important” appears again, we can access files as usual, then to hide again you do the same procedure as mentioned, from the menu click on “Tools” and then “Folder Options” Click on the “View “ tab and under the “Hidden Files and Folders” section, choose the radio button that says “Do not show hidden files and folders”.
I hope I have helped

Flair Show bartender is a work of entertainment

Show Barman
This hub is to give an idea of the work is a Flair show bartender, I worked 13 years as Flair Show bartender and I can tell you that was the best job I have had so far, a lot depends on the club because you can have more freedom or not, I was lucky in that I worked, had a lot of freedom to be myself, worked the best discos in Portugal, "SubSoloRockCafé", "Coconuts", “Alcantara Mar ", "Hacienda club ", I can tell you that I enjoyed a lot though there is always a lot of work, but it was a work that time passed quickly and working 12 straight hours many Nights because it was at a party until morning, There are two kinds of bartenders, the bartender wo work in hotels, cruises, and the finest bars and the bartender there is to show, I was a bartender who gave the show, playing with the bottles, with the glasses, I play with people, for me it's parties and has earned good money at the end of the night, so for those who have the opportunity to work as bartender I would consider it a good experience living and working.
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