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NailArt Gel

NubiArt - The Nail Gel is now undoubtedly the new choice for women, has many advantages starting to mention that last up to one and a half depending on the sensitivity to them, ideas for customizing are endless from colors, designs, piercings , textures, bright etc etc, also have the ability to use extensions to increase the length of the nail can also be rebuilt so as not to have to be waiting months to grow a nail starting, ending with a final gloss that gives a very clean and beautiful and that wakes up any look ..
Never forget to have some beautiful nails and arranged that in the case of gel nails are well done is the most important to our visual aesthetic as well as raising much in our self esteem, give a very clean air and any fine woman, in my opinion a nail gel well made, beautiful and thin is not to have many colors and fancy designs or have a natural nail or with very long extensions, you must have a moderate length, with a painting also moderate such a French (be it white or another color light), maybe a design only in a few nails, but I'm leaving you a few ideas made by NubiArt -