55 Gallon Aquarium (Guide to Freshwater Aquariums)

I am a lover of nature, but especially love marine life, try to have a bit of pleasure in the home using tanks, it's wonderful when we are able to breed and see the little babies happy together and always close to parents, it is relatively easy to set up a Aquarius but relatively difficult to get idiais conditions for our fish, is their home and we have to make the conditions more similar to their environment in the wild ..

   A 55-gallon tank already has a good size for doing a wonderful aquarium.

   An aquarium of 55 gallons can use the example of the measures 100x40x50, with cover and suitable for use in aquarium lighting.

   Lighting - the rules we have to use is 0.5 to 1w per 0.26 gallons of water which gives this aquarium for about 150w but these rules are for when using plants, if not the case we can greatly reduce the lighting, to this case would be about 30w but always ready for aquarium fish.

   Filter - The Fish, like any living being in need of a clean and pollution-free. In an aquarium is responsible for maintaining the water under the filter, here the rule is 2 to 5x the number of gallons the tank will take an hour (g / h) in this case is about 220g / h.
There are filters inside and outside, but here I would advise the pool, have more capacity and filtration efficiency and is not seen in the aquarium.
The cleaning range from 1 to 3 months, depending on the amount and type of fish in the aquarium.

   Heating - Here the rule is 0.5 to 1w by 0.26 gallons giving this case more or less 200w but here I play it safe, the temperature is very important for fish and this can never fail, here I use more power and instead of a thermostat using two of 200w. I can already count on cooler areas that influence the temperature of the water.

   Substrate - The substrate is the bottom of our tank. Can be sand, gravel can be thick, can be substrates for special plants. Should be avoided substrates with brightly colored for disturbing the fish and give a very artificial air to something that you want as natural as possible.
The sand can be collected in nature and should be well washed and boiled before putting in the aquarium.

   With this material is enough to full the tank of water and proceed to the following conditions, is a more advanced stage, but this part I will leave to another hub, Please wait ..