Dating Perfect Match OnLine

My Perfect Match

     Dating online, I can speak from experience, I've been married to a woman I met on the Internet, not much different, the only difference is the same part that we are actually face to face for the first time, is something strange because on the Internet we draw a profile of the person and in reality may be quite different, it involves many factors, such as: how we'll greet?, how it smells?, does her skin is soft? will be dressed right?, what height she has?, when we're on the Internet we can disclose a completely different person than we are properly and this is very dangerous because when we are face to face in reality we can have a great disappointment, we came to realize that after all are not compatible, but went well with me, both were sincere in our online conversations and when we met for the first time everything went well, the first time was a little strange because I've never done this, but it all started as a relationship normal, dated for several months and decided to get married, been married almost 3 years, things in the last year did not go well but the problem had nothing to do with the fact that we have met online, what is certain is that whatever the way we know the person we always have to chance to have a relationship, there are no perfect relationships and not because we met online in the ratio will be less good, in my opinion is that it never hurts to know new people online or in real life because you never know when you'll see the perfect match of our live ...
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