Spearfishing (Apnea)

    Spearfishing is a sport that I do, not just a sport, I also have the opportunity to fill the fridge for some fish and seafood, do not consider myself a professional because I have some limits on the ears and this limitation has never left me evolve much in this sport.
    Is a sport that requires some physical, respiratory and very good ears, to anyone be more time under the water has to train the lungs, but it is a wonderful sport, the contact with nature, the smell of the sea, sometimes forget that I'm hunting and I find myself just admiring the beauty that the bottom of sea-giving, many people have the opinion that it is a bad sport for nature because we killed the fish, on the contrary, in all these years I had the proof that spearfishing is beneficial to nature because all the people I met in this sport not only respect the sea as the defending, all-around the world to spear fishing is less than 1% of the fishery, under water we have a real view of the fish which for us is very easily see the size of the fish and it does not catching fish too small, and do not think it's easy to catch fish under water, requiring much patience and skill, the weapon is elastic and not pressure which limits the distance we have to approach the fish, we have to approach 6 / 8 feet to fire the fish and we all know that a fish runs at full speed when it senses danger.

    In Portugal we joined us several times a year to clean the sea, pick up the garbage that is underwater that humans continue to pour into the sea, we bring the garbage to land and take to their right places, some years to now I have noticed that there are less fish on the sea and it shows every year, professional fishing uncontrolled away are finishing with our natural resources and not give time for the fish to reproduce, some years ago never went home without a good fish, now is lucky to bring a fish to at least fill the plate of food in short, is the world we have and I not see improvements, I see more and more humans to destroy what we have best of "our nature".
    Back spearfishing, I have many beautiful stories in the past, spearfishing is mixed with many good things like family, friends, food, beach, travel, and our nature.
The fish that gave me most pleasure to catch was the of the 3rd picture on de right, is a very interesting story but it is to another hub. finally the spearfishing is a sport that brings a good spirit.


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