Flair Show bartender is a work of entertainment

Show Barman
This hub is to give an idea of the work is a Flair show bartender, I worked 13 years as Flair Show bartender and I can tell you that was the best job I have had so far, a lot depends on the club because you can have more freedom or not, I was lucky in that I worked, had a lot of freedom to be myself, worked the best discos in Portugal, "SubSoloRockCafé", "Coconuts", “Alcantara Mar ", "Hacienda club ", I can tell you that I enjoyed a lot though there is always a lot of work, but it was a work that time passed quickly and working 12 straight hours many Nights because it was at a party until morning, There are two kinds of bartenders, the bartender wo work in hotels, cruises, and the finest bars and the bartender there is to show, I was a bartender who gave the show, playing with the bottles, with the glasses, I play with people, for me it's parties and has earned good money at the end of the night, so for those who have the opportunity to work as bartender I would consider it a good experience living and working.
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