A story about my dog (Black Labrador Retriever)

My beautiful, faithful dog

This hub is to give you to know my dog is to me as a child, and also a story in particular that happened a few weeks ago..

His name is Lexus, is a Labrador dog, is 6 years old, is a dog that loves to play, is a dog that loves water and is a very friendly dog and faithful, then I'll tell you a story that moved me very much.
One of my sport is  Spearfishing and will be two weeks ago I went to a beach near me to make a few more hours of Spearfishing, out of water in the beach was my wife and Lexus, my wife was holding the Lexus with the leash because he is crazy about water, when I go to the water he will always behind me, at one point I just stop hunting, but was still a quarter of a mile offshore, I have a surfboard bodyboard to serve as a buoy signaling and also when I'm tired, this time i enter upon the buoy and start to swim to shore, the Lexus had already seen me and was making a very large force to go to the water, my wife as I was back and let the Lexus, he soon began to run and entered the water with waves of 1.5 meters and then stopped to see him, at the time scared me because I was not able to see Lexus, in a few seconds it pops up out of water and swim towards me, then I rested, usually the Lexus tends to swim in the water with me but always playing, but as he approached I began to see that he had changed, his eyes showed that he was suffering and there was another see frightened, he did not come to play and even whined when he comes next to me comes around from behind me and suddenly bites the board and begins to pull me to shore, we were still far from shore, I realized he was not kidding, but trying to save me, he thought I was in trouble, I even trembled, my dog had come to save me, incredible, after a few seconds I had to calm down and show that it was okay "Lexus is okay, everything is fine" but he not calmed down, to get the land he started running towards my wife and will bark a lot and came back to me and started licking me and I always say that was fine.
The Lexus was happy to see me on the ground and I was very happy to know that I have a dog that worries me a lot.
I love Lexus, is like a son to me.